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Zigbee Products

Trust Smart Home introduces ZigBee; the language of connected devices in homes to improve comfort and convenience. Experience the comfort of automation with one application for your smartphone and tablet. Create the perfect mood, decorate your home with ZigBee colour with tuneable & dimmable lights and add some extra security to your home with the ZigBee motion sensors. Expand your system, just the way you like it.

  • The ZigBee assortment are compatible with each other and also with other ZigBee systems. Check out our compatibility page for more info.
  • The Zigbee range is a stand alone system and is not compatible with the rest of the Trust Smart Home Automation products, with the exception of the ICS-2000 Internet Control Station. Via this central HUB, you can control your Zigbee and Trust Smart Home automation products via the free Trust Smart Home App.
  • To control any of the Zigbee products with your smart phone or tablet, an Internet Control Station is required. Zigbee ICS-Z1 or ICS-2000.

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