Zigbee Z1 Control Station, ICS-Z1, Trust Smart Home

The smart solution to wirelessly control lights and secure your home from any location using your smartphone/tablet. 

  • Convenient light control using your smartphone/tablet.
  • Monitor your home with sensors and get push alert notifications on your smartphone/tablet
  • Set up different scenarios and timers to automate your lights by using the intuitive rules editor
  • Free app available for iPad, iPhone and Android tablet/smartphone
  • Secure communication with AES encryption and SSL
  • Future-proof, firmware upgradeable
  • Can be used with other ZigBee devices such as Philips Hue*

*For all possibilities and latest info about the compatibility, click HERE.

Customize the look and feel of any room!
Decorate your home with colored lights or create the perfect mood with dimmable and color-tunable lights. Expand your system, just the way you like it.

Optimize your wireless range
For an optimum wireless Zigbee range, place your control station in a central location to the house or general area. Preferably in the same room where your Zigbee bulbs are located; for example in your living room. Keep adequate distance from walls, metal objects / tubes and other devices such as routers, cordless landline phones, baby monitors and Bluetooth devices.

Convenient Dimming and Switching
You will always have the possibility to dim or switch lights using your smartphone /tablet, at home or while away. Easily change the light temperature and dim the lights to a warmer color a few hours before bedtime.

The ZigBee range can be used as a standalone system or combined with the Trust Smart Home ICS-2000 Internet Control station. The ZigBee assortment are compatible with each other and also with other ZigBee systems. Visit our Compatibility page for more info

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