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We provide Home Automation systems

Eurotec Ltd based in Penrose Auckland are the authorized distributor for Trust in New Zealand and Australia with branches also in Wellington & Christchurch. Eurotec are a privately owned NZ company who have been in business for 30 years with 35 staff providing outstanding products, service and solutions to their clients in a number of Business Units –HVAC, Refrigeration, Electrical, and Instrumentation. Eurotec have now been working with Trust for over 12 years in New Zealand.

EUROTEC = People • Technology • Solutions

This year Eurotec celebrates 30 Years of supplying and supporting technology solutions to the Electrical Industry (+HVAC, Refrigeration and Instrumentation).
As the parent company to Trust Smart Home NZ we are proud of our Kiwi ownership and the global technologies we offer to our clients, and of a reputation 2nd to none for quality products and technical competence across the 3 NZ locations - Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.
A huge thanks to our customers, and our people throughout the organisation for helping us achieve this milestone and for being the cornerstones of our ongoing success.

Trust is a European leading partner for Home Automation & Digital Lifestyle Accessories operating for more than 30 years with the Head Office in The Netherlands. 

European Technology, European Quality.

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