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Smart Home information

Trust Smart Home offers products that allow to increase the comfort of your home step by step. Thanks to the different Trust Smart Home products a wireless solution can be found for your desired application.
To help you make the right choice, we have provided you with product advice on the following pages:

Lighting guide
By using the Lighting Guide you easily discover which Trust Smart Home product is best suited for your specific situation. You only have to walk through three steps to know which Trust SmartHome receiver(s) you need for your specific situation. 

Save energy
Here you will find a short explanation how to use to Trust Smart Home system to save energy. By making smart use of Trust Smart Home products, you can simply save money on your energy bill.

Important DIY Consumer Electrical Information:
Only Prescribed Electrical work is allowed to be carried out by the Homeowner in NZ and Australia. In NZ, to ensure you comply with Electrical Safety Regulations click the following links for further information.

In Australia, each State has slightly differing Laws and you should make yourself aware of those applicable to the State you are living in.

Eurotec Ltd, Trust Smart Home and Smart Home Automation Solutions take no responsibility for illegally undertaken electrical work by Consumers. It is your responsibility to know the Law and to use a registered Electrical Contractor to undertake wiring work where required by those Laws.

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