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The hub of your smart home! The ICS-2000 Internet Control Station makes it possible to operate all of your Trust Smart Home products with one app on your smartphone or tablet. Easily add the rooms of your house and the appliances you have in use and control lighting and appliances completely according to your wishes.

Use timers and rules to fully automate your lighting, appliances and even blinds and curtains. It is even possible to link products together: for example, you can switch on your lighting automatically when your smoke detector goes off, or switch on the air conditioner if the temperature in the house becomes too high. That is smart living from Trust Smart Home.

  • Control up to 190 lights and devices around your home with your smartphone/tablet
  • Suitable for all Trust Smart Home products
  • Monitor your home with sensors and receive push notifications to your smartphone or tablet
  • Connect your devices to Google Home or Alexa with the ICS-2000.
  • Set scenarios and timers with the intuitive control editing and automate lighting and appliances (e.g automate for sunrise/sunset recognition)
  • Free app for Android and iOS
  • All family members can connect their mobile device
  • Combine the ICS-2000 with the Alert security system and you can arm/disarm your alarm via your tablet and/or smartphone and receive push notifications when you are not at home.
  • Also compatible with Philips Hue bulbs
  • Secure communication with AES encryption and SSL
  • Download the user manual here
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Optimize your wireless range

For an optimum wireless Zigbee range, place your control station in a central location to the house or general area. Preferably in the same room where your Zigbee bulbs are located; for example in your living room. Keep adequate distance from walls, metal objects / tubes and other devices such as routers, cordless landline phones, baby monitors and Bluetooth devices.

Set to action

Create the perfect ambience instantly without getting up from the couch with the Trust ZYCT-202 Remote Control with Wall Mount. With just one touch of a button, you can now turn lights on/off and smoothly dim and create the perfect atmosphere in your home. With this ZigBee remote control, you can easily manage multiple lights at the same time. Use the five groups to operate five separate lights or add up to four lights to every group (control a total of 20 lights with a single remote!). Press the smart group function to turn all lights on or off simultaneously. Combine your Trust Smart Home products with the international Amazon Echo, Google Assistant or with Siri Shortcuts.

Easy to install

Connect the ICS-2000 with your modem or router via the supplied network cable and download the free Trust Smart Home app on your iPhone, Android smartphone or tablet. You can now set up as many as 16 rooms (e.g. living room/bathroom/garden, etc.) and add as many as 200 Trust Smart Home receivers.

Set for security

With the ICS-2000, you can create the impression that you are always at home at night. The Control Station allows you to turn on and off your lighting at a fixed time or at sunrise or sunset. Leave home with a secure feeling! Furthermore, you can set to receive push notifications when movement is detected. This allows you to act quickly when unwanted visitors want to enter your home.

Global operation

Since the ICS-2000 is connected to the internet, you can control your devices everywhere around the world. The ICS-2000 is easy to operate with multiple smartphones or tablets, allowing all family members to operate the network. The system is based on secure communication (AES-128 and SSL), ensuring optimal security!

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