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Trust Smart Home: an affordable home automation system


Smart Home Technology can improve safety, security, convenience, comfort and add value not to mention peace of mind in and around your home. Whether it's dimming your lights, protecting your house or operating your shutters, low cost wireless Trust products can be added into any home, no rewiring required!  

Trust Smart Home Wireless Home Automation System:

  • No extra wiring required!
  • Perfect solution for retrofits as the hassle and expense of rewiring is avoided.
  • Easier and more affordable than most automation systems on the market
  • The Trust system consists of Transmitters and Receivers that can be easily installed around your home. You always need at least 1 Transmitter and 1 Receiver to achieve wireless control.
  • Once installed you can control lighting, sun screens and a variety of household appliances wirelessly  
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Easy to install
All products are easy to install. Personalise your home automation system to suit your requirements and budget with the DIY products.  For more technical solutions an electrician will be required. 'Professional Installation Required' will be stated in the product description where this is required.

Conservation of existing installations
Do you want the best of both worlds? Can your lighting or electrical appliances both switch wirelessly and simply via the existing wall switch? With the Trust Smart Home products, you simply add wireless comfort to your existing installation without losing any functionality of the existing wall switch, power outlet, doorbell, etc .

Endless product combinations possible
Every house is different and therefore requires a unique approach. With our wide range, you can easily add the convenience of wireless control to your home. Connect Transmitters with Receivers and create a system that fully fits your own living situation.

Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant
Trust Smart Home products work with Amazon Alexa and Google Home when the ICS-2000 or Zigbee Z1 control stations are used as part of your smart home system. 

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