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Build In Wireless Light Switch - ACM-2000

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The built-in switch ACM-2000 is the improved and more compact successor to the widely used ACM-1000 and has a maximum power of 2000 Watt.

Key Features:

  • Easy to install behind a ceiling rose, in a junction box or cabinet
  • Works with all lamps and devices up to 2000 Watt
  • The ideal solution for wirelessly operating hanging lamps, ceiling lamps and wall lamps
  • Combine with the transmitter that suits your living situation: remote controls, wireless wall switches and motion or contact sensors
  • Connect the built-in switch to the Internet Control Station and operate and automate the switch with your smartphone

  • Note: the ACM-2000 flush-mounted switch will not work with existing wall switches. Use the ACM-2300-HC built-in switch or the ACM-250LD built-in dimmer if you want to continue to use the existing switches/dimmers.

With the ACM-2000 built-in switch, you can easily switch lighting or other devices wirelessly. Install the switch in a ceiling rose, junction box or in a cupboard and then combine it with one of the Trust Smart Home transmitters, such as a wireless wall switch, remote control or even with the app (in combination with the Internet Control Station).

Optimal control at home
The ACM-2000 allows you to remotely control all your lighting, from wall lamps to the lamp above the dining table. The built-in switch is also a smart solution for devices with a higher power. Thanks to a maximum load of no less than 2000 Watt, almost all appliances in the house can be connected to the built-in switch.

Combine the built-in switch with up to 32 Trust Smart Home transmitters and experience the comfort of wireless switching, anywhere in the house!

Combine for more.
The ACM-2000 can be connected to any Trust Smart Home Start-Line transmitter, such as the AYCT-102 remote control, the ATMT-502 remote control with timer or the AWST-6000 motion sensor.

One step further? Use the Internet Control Station and connect the built-in switch to the free Trust Smart Home app to operate the switch with a telephone or tablet, wherever you are.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Holger Brosius
ACM-2000 - replacement for AWS-3500

I got the ACM-2000 (after I already got the predecessor ACM-1000 a year ago for another power point) as a replacement for the AWS-3500. Working well.
Had 3 AWS-3500 previously which all stopped working sooner or later.
A shame though that I had to buy that product because I anticipated that the AWS-3500 last longer. No trouble though with other Trust Smarthome products.

Alexa Srzich
Got what i needed

Great service

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