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Smart Living Room

You are sitting on the couch and you would like some more light. Unfortunately, the light switch is located at the other end of the room and you would rather stay seated. By installing the AWMD-250 Mini Build-in Dimmer (4) behind a single wall switch or placing ALED-2709 Smart Bulbs (5) in the wall lights you can control all your lights with the AYCT-102 Remote Control (1) or even with your smartphone or tablet (2) via the ICS-2000 Internet Control Station.

If your reading lamp has a hard to reach switch you can use a ACD-2400 Plug-in receiver (3). Pair this receiver to either your remote (1) or smartphone (via ICS-2000) (2) and you can now turn the light on or off without having the hassle of dealing with the awkward switch every time you want to turn it on.
NOTE: With all build-in receivers make sure to check load type and size to select the appropriate receiver.

ICS 2000 Automate Scenarios:
Set the scene: living room lighting adds layers of ambiance.Easily control and set up scenes on your Smart phone, create elegant or cozy mood lighting while you entertain or rug up for a night in.

Movie Night: Dim lights to any level you desire by adding a AWMD-250 (4) or Trust Dimmable Smart Bulb Receiver (5) to your existing light or switch and control with your Smart Phone or tablet to create the perfect movie mood

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