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Smart Hallway Automation

At the beginning of the hallway there is a switch to turn on the lights but you would also like a switch at the end of the hallway in order to turn the same lights on and off (multiway switch).
Install an AWMR-300 build-in receiver (3) behind the existing single wall switch. At the end of the hallway you simple place an AWST-8800 wireless single wall switch (1). This allows you to control your ceiling lamp with both the existing (wired) switch, as well as the wireless TRUST switch.

When you walk up and down the stairs while carrying something you cannot always turn on the lights in the hall.
Install the ACM-1000 Build-in receiver (4) in a ceiling box and place the wireless indoor motion sensor AWST-6000 (2) at the top and bottom fo the stairs. Because the motion sensors are wireless, you don’t have to install any new wiring. When you go up or downstairs the motions sensor will automatically trigger the lights.

NOTE: With all build-in receivers make sure to check load type and size to select the appropriate receiver.

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