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Outdoor & Garden Lighting

Trust Smart Home offers wireless solutions for your garden to control lights and equipment from a distance.

You want to be able to activate your garden lights when it gets dark but you do not want to install electrical wiring across the garden.
For example while you are sitting outside at the table with your guests. It’s getting dark and you would like to turn on the lights without having to get up in the middle of the conversation.

There are a number of options here depending on the form of control you have chosen.
With a single push on the button of your AYCT-102 Remote Control (1) you can directly turn on your outdoor lighting. Of course, it is also possible to use the ABST-604 Dusk/Dawn Sensor (2) that automatically switches on the lights when it gets dark.

The ACM-3500-3, three channel receiver (3) installed in a suitable junction box, OWH-002 (4), is wired into as many as 3 outdoor lighting circuits so that each may be controlled individually or all together with your choice of transmitter.

NOTE: With all build-in receivers make sure to check load type and size to select the appropriate receiver.

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