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Automated Christmas Lights

The APA3-1500R Wireless Switching Starter Set is the perfect solution for all those Christmas lights!


This wireless switching starter pack APA3-1500R includes a remote control and three mains socket switches to wirelessly control 3 lights or devices E.g. Christmas lights, television and floor lamp. Maximum 1500 Watt. Simply insert the Mains Socket Switch Receiver (1,2 & 3) into a wall socket. 

Next, plug the power cord of your light or device into the receiver (max. 1500 Watt per receiver). Use the included Remote Control (4) (or a Trust Smart Home Transmitter of your choice and pair to the receivers for wireless control (max. 6 transmitters per receiver).

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There are multiple starting packs to choose from to suit your application. Visit our SETS page to see the full range.

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