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Bedroom Lighting Automation

There are a number of combinations to create the perfect bedroom setting as everyone's needs are different depending on how many and what type of lights you have and how you want to control these lights. Below we have provided a few examples that can help you on your way to seamlessly automating your bedroom.

You like to watch TV or read a book in your bed at night, but you are  tired of getting out of bed to turn off the lights.
Install the AWMD-250 Mini Build-in Dimmer (3) behind the single light switch in your bedroom. After that, it’s possible to control your lights  wirelessly (on/off and dimming) with the AYCT-102 Remote Control (1).  The existing wall switch still works for regular manual use.


You have a nice wardrobe with sliding doors and built-in lighting in your bedroom, but there’s no room for a light switch.
Place the AMST-606 Magnet Switch (2) onto the sliding doors of your wardrobe and connect the wiring of the lights to the ACM-1000 Build-in Receiver (4) Now, when you open/close the door of your wardrobe, the lights will automatically go on/off.

With all build-in receivers make sure to check load type and size to select the appropriate receiver.

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