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New Trust Smart Home products coming soon!

October 03, 2019

New Trust Smart Home products coming soon!

Trust Smart Home have expanded their Start-Line with two new transmitters; the Smart Wall Button and the new Key Chain Remote. In addition to the ease of use that you are used to from Trust Smart Home, these new products are designed with an eye on aesthetics. In this way they not only ensure even more wireless comfort, but also for products that can be seen.

The ACST-9900 Smart Wall Button is a stylish and compact button to control your lights and devices wirelessly. If you use the button in combination with the ICS-2000, it is also possible to activate actions.

  • One button for multiple actions
    With this compact wall button - a diameter of only 52mm - you can easily control your lighting or devices. With one push of a button you turn on your lights or device, by pressing twice you turn them off again. Thanks to the LED indication, the edge of the button lights up green or red when you switch the lighting or devices on or off.
  • Can be placed anywhere
    The compact and stylish design makes the ACST-9900 an asset in any room. The smart wall button can be attached to any place in the house thanks to the included mounting tape, but is also great for placing on a desk, for example.
  • Combine endlessly
    Connect the wall button to every Smart Home receiver, ALED-LED lamp or switch for garage door or sun protection. If you combine the smart wall button with the ICS-2000 , you can set rules yourself in the app to determine which actions are performed when you press the button, for example when action A is pressed once or action B is pressed twice.

The Key Chain Remote Control ACCT-510 is always a switch within reach! Thanks to the smart compact design, this transmitter is ideal to take with you everywhere you go.

  • Compact design
    The compact ACCT-510 Keychain Remote Control is ideal to take with you everywhere you go. With this small device, you can control one or multiple Trust Smart Home receivers such as your lights, blinds controller or garage door switch with a single push of a button. Turn on the garden lights or open the garage door when you arrive home late at night with a single push of a button.
  • Wireless Control
    Along with its rounded, compact shape, this key chain comes with a long battery life and battery low indicator. Since the key chain remote control works within a wireless range 30 meters, this is the compact solution for in and around your home.You can combine the ACCT-510 with every Start Line receiver, ALED-LED lamp, switch for your garage door /sun protection or the ICS-2000.

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