Zigbee Remote Control, ZYCT-202, Trust Smart Home

ZigBee remote control with wall mount for wireless control of one or multiple lights/devices.


  • Control up to 5 groups with max. 4 lights/devices each (up to 20 lights/devices)
  • Magnetic wall mount to attach the remote to a surface
  • Compatible with other ZigBee certified systems such as Philips Hue*
  • Long battery life (battery included)

 *For all possibilities and latest info about the compatibility, click HERE.

Important notes:

  • The ZigBee assortment are compatible with each other and also with other ZigBee systems. Check out our compatibility page for more info.
  • The Zigbee range is a stand alone system and is not compatible with the rest of the Trust Smart Home Automation products, with the exception of the ICS-2000 Internet Control Station. Via this central HUB, you can control your Zigbee and Trust Smart Home automation products via the free Trust Smart Home App.
  • To control any of the Zigbee products with your smart phone or tablet, an Internet Control Station is required. Zigbee ICS-Z1 or ICS-2000.

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