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Build-in Receiver 2300 W, ACM-2300H, Trust Smart Home

Built-in switch to control lights/devices wirelessly with a Trust Smart Home transmitter, but also possible to control with your existing wall switch(es) (max. 2300 Watt)

  • Can be used to control lights/devices connected to an existing wall switch(es)
  • Also supports 2 existing wall switches, like at the top/bottom of a stairwell
  • Can be easily installed in a ceiling or junction box
  • Works with all lights/devices up to 2300 Watt
  • Existing wall switch(es) remain(s) operational
  • IP44 Splash proof junction box available to install this product anywhere outdoor
  • *Professional Installation Required* - Click to learn more
  • Note: Receivers need to be placed at least half a meter apart to avoid interference
  • View the user manual here

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